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Chat Master Bot 2017 (Free Full Version)

  • Making Bot Account (Give your Bot Moderator Status): Just register normal account and visit this The website will ask to get access, login and get your OAuth for your bot account.
  • Warned User: This shows user which got warned, you can empty the list or set a autokick or ban amount.
  • Forbidden words: Here you can add words which will get automatically warned or banned. You can set warning amount to atuo kick ban.
  • Sound Commands: You can change the sound command to example !hi or !bye and anything else. Just open and select an sound file for each command. To turn sounds off, you can use the checkbox settings or make all sound boxes empty.
  • User Status: On the left side you will see the user status Admin, Staff, Gobal Moderators etc.. with amount.
  • Raffle Function: Let people enter your raffle by keyword and one random user will win this raffle game who used the keyword.
  • and lot of more functions

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  • Screenshot 1 - Chat Master Bot 2017
  • Screenshot 2 - Chat Master Bot 2017
  • Screenshot 3 - Chat Master Bot 2017
  • Screenshot 4 - Chat Master Bot 2017
  • Screenshot 5 - Chat Master Bot 2017
  • Screenshot 6 - Chat Master Bot 2017
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